Growing Customer Value

Growing Customer Value


Customer Experience Transformation

Customer Experience Transformation


Multi-Media Call Centres

Multi-Media Call Centres


Optimising Customer Operations

Optimising Customer Operations


"It is a testimony to their work that the team is exceeding all their financial targets so soon."

Andy Wicken,
Sales Development Manager, Orange UK

" It's an organisation that realises true customer value and doesn't outstay its welcome."

Jackie O'Leary,
Vice President of Service, Orange UK

"Positive results in service levels and productivity were quickly realised."

Jim Hurley,
President, Americas Region, The Body Shop

"They provoked fresh ideas… and gave us the focus to produce a top class, industry 'first'."

Christian Neill,
Project Manager, South West Trains

"With CCL we got a whole approach and an attitude that has stretched our thinking"

Mark Mortell,
Commercial Director, Aer Lingus

"In relationship to other consultancies it's one of the most positive experiences I've ever had"

Rachel Hick,
Project Manager,
Aer Lingus

"The call centre built in the UK is now a showcase… CCL did an excellent job."

Thomas Pflug,
Corporate Marketing Director (Global), Heidelberg

"I was delighted with the results. CCL are excellent people to do business with."

David Harris,
Director of HR, LE Group Customers Branch