Financial Services




Customers are becoming more demanding and financially aware, and the recent financial crisis has left them more wary.

Many organisations are dealing with the baggage of their history – old, clunky systems which don’t talk to each other, no single view of customer data, large orphaned groups of customers with no live financial advisor relationship, and so on. Combine this with continual pressures to reduce costs, new entrants taking market share, merger and acquisition activity and problems with offshore operations – it all means that the lot of many Financial Services companies is not an easy one in the 21st century.

Balancing the need to improve the customer experience whilst optimising operating costs is a perennial challenge. CCL has deep financial services and customer management experience and a proven ability to improve customer satisfaction whilst optimising costs – working through your teams and inspiring them to change. They own the change so it sticks – long after we have left.

See below for an outline of our work in this sector, or visit Case Studies for more in-depth examples

Aviva Life – Customer Services

Aviva Life

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Designed & implemented new governance and project management frameworks
  • Improved operational management
    • 2.25 million customer transactions positively affected
    • 4% increase in customer advocacy scores
    • Minimum of £150,000 reduction in costs.

Aviva Life – Retail

Aviva Life Retail

  • Identified most profitable areas to focus on
  • Designed & implemented best practice call guides and call centre management methods
  • Improved conversion and efficiency
    • 37% improvement in overall conversion rate over 8 months
    • 34% reduction in cost per sale (Protection)
    • Regulated advisor sales up from 19 to 30 per advisor per month.
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