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E.on: Service Excellence Programme to Improve EffectivenessUtilities

CCL won a competitive tender to support E.ON UK in their Service Excellence Programme within Customer Operations, with the aim of becoming the number one service provider in the UK.

This involved reviewing all the current change programmes, designing a major programme to reduce failure demand and delivering operational improvements.

  • Review current change projects
  • Designing new change methodology
  • Process Improvement
  • New IT Projects/Automation
  • Improve Operational Control
  • Improve Letters and Packs
  • Improve Management Information
  • Contact Centre management skills
  • Customer Empathy and Call Flows

Identified the Root Causes of Incoming Calls/Failure Demand

  • Sales
  • Estimated opening meter read
  • Process failures
  • Communication failures – voice & paper, e.g.
    – Expectations poorly managed
    – Written communication unclear
  • Billing and credit management
  • Lack of staff expertise.

Demand Reduction Pilot, Flight Path and Plan

  • Initial Demand Analysis in ‘Gains’
  • Designed Demand Reduction Pilot in ‘Gains’ with associated dash-board
  • Analysed demand data across all 5,000 agents to create longer term Flight Path to 20%
  • Created a plan of existing and new projects to achieve the Flight Path.

Contact Centre Management Best Practice

  • Improved the effectiveness of the operation
  • Implementation of the Duty Manager function
  • Provided intra-day management and control
  • Management and leadership training
  • Design and rollout of call flows and processes to front line staff.

Implemented Knowledge Management Pilot for 360 Agents

  • Led the design of the IT platform and the training and embedding phase.
  • Designed and launched Knowledge Management across 90 agents in Billing and Accounts.
  • Engaged agents and managers in producing new knowledge content for 70% of call types.
  • Direction was provided to improve the knowledge offered to customers on the E.ON website.

Improved Leadership and Management

  • Trained 48 managers in best practice contact centre leadership and management skills.
  • Implemented change skills needed to embed and sustain the improvements made.
  • One to one coaching to support managers in making changes.
  • Improved average speed of answer (ASA) from 63 to 24 seconds.
  • More consistent call handling reflected via reduced variance in AHT
  • Increased leadership skill, morale and motivation
  • 14% reduction in propensity to call
  • Reduction in wrap time from 100 to 44 seconds
  • Reduction in abandonment rate from 8% to 2%
  • 30% increase in energy sales and 36% increase in CERT sales
  • Increased NPS scores as a result of more consistent, clear and succinct calls
  • Significant increase in agent capability, confidence, morale and motivation
  • Three-fold reduction in manual overrides to direct debit Payments (resulting in reduced debt and increased cash collection).
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