Lloyds TSB

Customer Proposition-led Technology Investment Plan and Group-wide Contact Centre Proficiency Review.

Having worked with Lloyds TSB some years ago to help design and implement their telephone bank, CCL was invited to discuss how it might help the Bank in the project and programme management of various initiatives. During these discussions, a requirement became apparent to design a Road Map for the implementation of new technologies within the bank. The Bank had numerous technology projects underway including internet and WAP banking, call centre centralisation, IVR, ATMs etc., which were not linked to each other or to a consistent customer proposition.

CCL worked with the Bank to clarify a unifying customer proposition and a development plan showing how the customer proposition should evolve over the next 5 years. This was then used as the organising principle to sequence and structure the various technology projects in such a way as they produced a coordinated ‘build’ for the customer proposition.

CCL employed a number of specialist consultants to define the customer proposition and the technical, people and process enablers, which would be necessary to realise the full benefits from each piece of technology. This was pulled together into an integrated project plan with a high-level business case for submission to the Bank’s board of Directors. Feedback from the client was that the work exactly fulfilled their requirement and in some areas exceeded it.

Whilst undertaking the road map work CCL was invited by a Board Director responsible for the UK Retail Bank to conduct a group-wide call centre proficiency review. Again, a multi-skilled team was deployed to work with internal bank resource and review the call centre performance for 30+ call centres (spanning 5,000 call centre seats and a wide variety of transactions). The objective of this work was two-fold; firstly to identify synergies and cost savings across the various operations – including implementation risk, implementation costs and appropriate business cases. Secondly, to identify the level of proficiency from the perspective of understanding how ready the bank was to fulfil its strategic vision with regard to contact centres.

CCL employed its established contact centre assessment methodology, which has been developed over 15 years. Each of the contact centres was scored against 256 criteria and interviews were held with core personnel from operations, HR, IT, strategy and the business line.

Overall, significant cost savings and synergies were identified and the strategic recommendation was to make further investment in specific areas to increase the capability of the contact centres. The Director responsible for the work described the report as “fundamental”, as it recommended a new way of governing investment projects in the Bank to increase the chances of success and the positive impact on the customer.

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