Innovative customer strategies – Exceptional business results


Customer Consulting Limited worked with South West Trains on two projects during 2005/06. Firstly a benchmarking review of our Customer Call Centre and development of an improvement plan, and secondly on a complete overhaul of the company’s processes and procedures that underpin the delivery of customer information to passengers at times of disruption.

With both projects CCL have also supported the implementation of these plans including supporting and coaching the project manager.
We have been very pleased with their involvement in both projects.
Our experience is that they work hard to understand the issues in detail, have excellent project planning and management skills, develop practical solutions and are effective at challenging established thinking.

James Burt
Operations Director, South West Trains

CCL led a project to produce a road map of the developments we must make in our customer contact centres across the next five years if we are to satisfy changing customer demands and achieve our strategic aims. The road map provides a detailed picture of the innovations required in all areas including people, process, technology and customer experience. We chose CCL for this work because of their ability to cut through the hype, articulate the future in simple, concrete terms and support their recommendations with industry evidence, knowledge and a sound business case for Year One.

CCL met (and in some areas exceeded) our expectations and produced a compelling picture and plan of what we need to do and how we need to do it. The quality of their input, flexible working style and genuine commitment to the client means I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Indeed, they went on to support us with another major piece of strategic work as a result of this assignment.

Graham Duke
Head of Change Implementation, Lloyds TSB

I really appreciate what CCL has brought to the party….CCL were excellent at project management and implementation. I have already recommended CCL, and would again to other organisations.

Civil Aviation Authority
Andrew Haines
Chief Executive, Civil Aviation Authority

CCL offered the full package with access to experienced resource that you can mobilise easily. They have high quality experienced people who have been through it before and were able to validate our thinking.

Patrick Jelly
Managing Director & Vice President, Pitney Bowes

I did once say that you are the best consultants I’ve ever worked with….and I stand by that. I feel lucky to have had the chance to work with a group of senior, professional people from whom I have learned a great deal. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.

Martin Coffey
Operational Improvement Manager, E.ON UK

What we wanted was that ‘sleeves rolled up, get the job done’ impetus and the CCL team have provided that in spades. I thank you all enormously for that. I believe that the team skill-set is in ‘delivery’ and I would always want to use CCL for ‘come in and make an operational improvement happen

Darren Cornish
Head of Service Design, Planning & Improvement (SDPI) , E.ON UK

CCL work in a really collaborative way, that was engaging and non-threatening for the people on the ground; our team learned a lot from their expertise. The big benefit of CCL is the caliber of the individuals…they know their stuff.

David Bird
Customer Service Director, E.ON

CCL did what they said they would do, and exceeded our expectations. The work was excellent, was delivered to budget and on time; to a high quality. CCL had energy and enthusiasm. We were left with a tool as well – this was a lot of value to us. 10/10.

Hazel Fagon
Director of Client Services, Visa Europe

CCL were able to provide qualified and driven people very quickly to support an urgent piece of programme review work. The individuals fitted into the wider team successfully and delivered on their commitments in terms of timing, quality and budget.An additional attraction was the extent to which CCL were able to bring an external ‘benchmarking’ perspective to our discussions and analysis. Their expertise and experience in the area of contact centre development and management, allowed us to formulate and present our recommendations with the confidence that we had built in a pragmatic ‘best practice’ component to our conclusions.

Mark Severn
Project Director, Barclays Bank Plc

CCL is a respected organisation that in various ‘lives’ both at Orange and elsewhere, has provided skilled professionals who really deliver change. They are passionate about the customer experience and know how to analyse what’s happening to ensure the right actions can be taken to succeed.

CCL possesses specialist skills in developing and implementing customer strategies which directly improve performance, customer growth and retention. Their consultants have ‘hands on’ experience and can design and deliver, with a real people-centric approach. It’s an organisation that realises true customer value and doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Jackie O’Leary
Vice President of Service, Orange

The Body Shop commissioned CCL to assist us in evaluating our call centres in the U.K. and the U.S.A. Both centres had grown exponentially commensurate with the growth in our direct channel businesses in those markets and we needed to improve both service and productivity, as well as begin developing a strategy and platform for expansion into additional markets, all within some significant budget constraints.

CCL not only helped upgrade both centres in the short run, producing immediate results, but also delineated the KPI’s and a development roadmap, and set out a vision and template for future growth.

The consultants were thoroughly professional, quickly gained the confidence of our key people, and offered practical advice throughout. The project was brought in on time and on budget, and positive results both in service levels and productivity were quickly realised

the body shop
Jim Hurley
Americas Region, The Body Shop

I have had experience of working with CCL over the course of the last three years on several major customer programmes, both within the transport sector and currently within the Aviva operation.

CCL have a demonstrable track record in delivering financial, operational and customer benefits and results. They are very effective in helping organisations design customer service strategies and have a unique ability to turn these strategies into reality. CCL have a wide network of consultants with very diverse skills knowledge and experience. They are passionate about delivering success for customers and organisations. I would highly recommend CCL as a potential partner to work with. I have always found the quality of work to be of a very high standard and CCL are extremely responsive to their client needs and requirements.”

Michelle Drage
Director of Retail, Aviva Life

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