CCL provides specialist consultancy and implementation support in all areas of Customer Management, including Change Management and skills development.

Our Customer Management services loosely fall under the four headings below:

Growing Customer Value
Strategic planning for customers and channels to market. Read more>>

  • Remember the CRM programmes of the last decade? Now mostly recognised as expensive failures, these programmes were early attempts to grow customer value. Driven by our current economic climate, the issue is back on the agenda.
  • CCL helps navigate this journey from end-to-end. We’ll help build your strategy and business case and make sure the right elements are involved. Then we’ll help you join everything up into a logical, integrated programme. Then we’ll support implementation.
  • We’re cost effective – we helped Barclays save £18m in technology costs, a leading healthcare provider to save £3m in consulting costs and a major insurer to increase direct sales by 37%.
Customer Experience Management
Beyond theory; how to make the transformation real and personal. Read more>>

  • Lets face it. Most organisations work in entrenched ways. They are political. They work in silos.
  • We have been helping our clients to meet this challenge for over 20 years. It’s about leadership, people and culture and getting the organisation to emotionally connect. It requires changing the way of being, not just the way of doing.
  • Customers expect great service. If they don’t get it they tell the world. The rise of new social media allows them to broadcast their discontent, take their business away and encourage others to do the same.
  • Again we’ve got the tool kit – experience design, leadership development, training, coaching. But it’s who we are that makes the difference. We’ll make it personal and bring new ways of working to life.
Multi-media Contact Centres
Take your call centre to the next level and bring customer contact into the 21st Century. Read more>>

  • Standards of service are still falling short as customer expectations grow and companies continue to cut costs.
  • Having built or managed over 200 multi-media call centres, we are experts in benchmarking all aspects of your operation.
  • We help with a whole range of issues; improving service and sales, reducing cost, increasing scale, optimising online, increasing productivity, improving returns on outsourcing and engaging employees in change.
Optimising Customer Operations
Achieve real time improvement based on skilled interventions. Read more>>

  • In customer service, performance problems lead to a vicious circle of poor service, which in turn creates more contact, more backlog and more complaints. In marketing and sales, they lead to reduced profit and the need to cut costs. Problems like these need urgent and skilled interventions.
  • We’ll help fix these problems fast with your team. We start by producing a recovery plan that addresses the issues at source. We then help implement the plan, continually assessing progress and ensuring improvements stick.


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