Growing Customer Value

Remember the CRM programmes of the last decade? Now mostly recognised as expensive failures, these programmes were early attempts to grow customer value.  They didn’t work because they placed too much emphasis on technology.  They lacked a cohesive strategy. They resulted in disjointed initiatives that too often focused on the wrong things.

Driven by our current economic climate, the issue is back on the agenda. It’s about how a company improves its ability to win, retain and grow satisfied, profitable customers. Social media and traditional disciplines all form part of this.

CCL helps navigate this journey from end-to-end.  We’ll help build your strategy and business case and make sure the right elements are involved.  Then we’ll help you join everything up into a logical, integrated programme. Then we’ll support implementation.

Our preference is to work with you throughout this journey, whether it takes 1 year or 3 years, providing expertise and inputs that transform results.  Our track record proves we more than pay for ourselves.  Like the time we helped Barclays to save £18m in technology costs, or a leading healthcare provider to save £3m in consulting costs and a major insurer to increase direct sales by 37%.

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