Multi-Media Call Centres

Thirty years since their inception, call centres are now in an interesting place.  Standards of service are still falling short as customer expectations grow and companies continue to cut costs.

With 30 years of experience, CCL understand call centres at a deep level.  We’ve been designing, building, improving and managing them from the beginning.  We’ve got some of the best people in the industry; pioneers of best practice who know how to get results.

We help with a whole range of issues; improving service and sales, reducing cost, increasing scale, optimising online, increasing productivity, improving returns on outsourcing and engaging employees in change.

Having built or managed over 200 multi-media call centres, we are experts in benchmarking all aspects of your operation.  We can show you what to do to be a leader in customer service, sales and retention and bring your customer contact into the 21st century.

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