Why We’re Different

After 15 years, we still remain independently owned, allowing us to be true to our guiding principles and provide impartial, best advice. Our team comprises of over 100 specialists, with varying skills and industry expertise.

As well as providing contact centre specialist consultants, project managers, change managers and strategy managers we provide a wide range of specialists including: interim managers, HR specialists, Telecomms experts and Knowledge Management experts.

Our people bring:

  • Experience – Our background goes back 30 years when we were running world class contact and customer management operations.
  • Equal understanding of hard and soft development Our team has won National Training Awards as well as being recognised experts in technology and customer processes – we live and breathe a balanced, integrated approach.
  • Proven ability to implement – We understand what it really takes to turn an idea into reality and make it “stick”.
  • A track record of results Most of our consultants have worked together for over 20 years as real life “doers” and recognised industry pioneers. Collectively, their experience and track record is unrivalled.
  • Industry Expertise – We have carried out many successful and ground-breaking projects in key market sectors, often establishing what have become recognised best practices and benchmarks.
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